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About the usage of cookies and personal information

Websites of Vitana a.s. use cookies and similar technologies that store information on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

These are usually stored in the device browser. We use cookies to allow visitors to access the various features on our website, to distinguish users, to analyze the performance of our website, and to use interest-based advertising campaign targeting a visitor. This relies to some extent on the use of personally identifiable information from our users - as described below - and helps us improve our website and make digital communications available to our recipients.

Visitors of our websites may voluntarily decide whether to use cookies through browser or device settings. In your browser settings, you can customize the preferences which cookies your browser will download. Here you can also delete all existing cookies stored in your browser or device. Please note that if you block all cookies on your browser or device, this may result in performance degradation and reduced functionality of our (and other) websites.

Purpose of cookies on this website

Our website uses cookies embedded by us or third parties for the following purposes:

  • Analysis: We use cookies to count individual visitors on our website and compile statistics on the operation and functionality of our website. The software we use stores information about page views and geographic location, device, operating system, and browser information.
  • Login Services: If a website offers a sign-in option, we will store in your browser or device a cookie containing ID and sign-in time. This allows you to no longer need to sign in again each time you visit the website.
  • Interest-Based Online Advertising: You may encounter Vitana ads on other websites as a result of cookies placed in your browser or device. Most often, this information is based on content you have reviewed, user information, or geographic location. With this method, we try to identify your interests and accordingly adjust advertisement to you. It is a remarketing technology that is a product supplied by external suppliers such as Google or Facebook.
  • Paired Profiles: Paired profiles are based on the behavioral information obtained from our website. Based on the knowledge of one user group, we are introducing this group new segments with similar interests and behaviors to the original user group.

Contact - Granting access

Vitana, a.s. is your personal data manager and is responsible for its processing.

If you wish to access, extract, correct or delete any personal information we have stored about you, please send an email to You may also object, request restrictions or withdraw your consent at any time. We also want to inform you that if you are not satisfied with our processing of your personal data, you can file a complaint at The Office for Personal Data Protection.

List of cookies and related external contractor

Name / PublisherPurposeStorage lifeWeb
AddThisAnalysis and log in servicesMaximum 540
Adform>Analysis and interest based marketing>Maximum 540 days>>
Adobe Audience ManagerAnalysis and twin profilesMaximum 540
Aggregate KnowledgeAnalysisMaximum 540
AppNexusInterest based marketingMaximum 540,
ConnexityAnalysisMaximum 540
Cross Pixel MediaInterest based marketingMaximum 540
DatalogixInterest based marketingMaximum 540
DoubleClickAnalysisMaximum 99,
DoubleClick Ad Exchange-BuyerInterest based marketingMaximum 540,
DoubleClick FloodlightAnalysisMaximum 540,
EnreachInterest based marketingMaximum 540
eXelateAnalysisMaximum 540
Facebook ConnectPåloggingMaximum 540
Facebook Custom AudienceInterest based marketingMaximum 180
Facebook Custom AudienceInterest based marketingMaximum 180
Facebook Social PluginLog in servicesMaximum 540
Google AdWords ConversionAnalysisMaximum 90,
Google AnalyticsAnalysisMaximum 540,
Google AdWords RemarketingInterest based marketingMaximum 540,
Google TAG ManagerInterest based marketingUntill session
HotjarInterest based marketingMaximum 540
LiveRampInterest based marketingMaximum 540
LotameInterest based marketingMaximum 540
Madison LogicInterest based marketingMaximum 540
MediaMathTwin profilesMaximum 540
MyFonts CounterAnalysisUntill session
Net-ResultsInterest based marketingMaximum 540
Neustar AdAdvisorInterest based marketingMaximum 540
RocetfuelInterest based marketingMaximum 360
ScoreCard Reach BeaconInterest based marketingMaximum 540
SemasioTwin profilesMaximum 540,
ShareThisInterest based marketingMaximum 540
SumoMeAnalysisMaximum 540
TwitterInterest based marketingMaximum 540
Typekit by AdobeAnalysisUntill session
Visual Website OptimizerInterest based marketingMaximum 90
YieldlabInterest based marketingMaximum 90

Directly on the web (not from an external contractor)

Name / PublisherPurposeStorage lifeWeb
CookiesPanelTo verify that the user has closed the Cookies information bar10
Sklik RemarketingInterest based marketing540
Sklik conversion windowAnalysis30
FB PixelAnalysis, Interest based marketing180